What is LOS Coin?

LOS Coin is a cryptocurrency introduced to support all tokenized operations and processes of LifeOnScreen Blockchain corporation, and to provide high-grade liquidity to it. Like any other cryptocurrency, LOS Coin is a digital asset, well suited to work as a medium of exchange and transactions digitally.

Want to know in detail? Download our Whitepaper.

Understand more abour LOS Coin. Download our white paper to get in-depth insights about our mission, vision, LifeOnScreen ecosystem, LifeOnScreen Blockchain Corporation, our journey, market analysis, our dynamic pricing model, token distribution, our road map and much much more. 

Your journey with us, begins with understanding us more. 

Why LOS Coin?

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, LifeOnScreen aims to bridge the gap between advertisers and screen owners.

Facilitated by our technology and native LOS token, we believe we can revolutionize digital OOH advertising by transforming any digital screen into an advertising space.

Notwithstanding, we do not intend to invade users' privacies but to create an additional stream of income for screen owners while ensuring digital OOH advertising is done the right way.

This ground-breaking, industry-disruptive innovation would not be complete without YOU being a part of it as we are extending a hand of partnership in the form of the LifeOnScreen – LOS.

The below numbers will convince you, if we don't. 

$ 81+ Billion
Programmatic Advertisement spend worldwide.
$ 49+ Billion
DOOH Advertising and Digital Signage technology
$ 134+ Billion
Value of marketing in hypermarkets and gas stations.

What is LifeOnScreen?

LifeOnScreen is a digital out-of-home marketplace that was founded with the mission of enabling advertisers and screen-owners a way to maximize their results.

Lifeonscreen enables advertisement at anytime, anywhere. 

Anywhere & Anytime
Easy & Affordable
Efficient & Effective

Our goal is simple: enable advertisers put the right message to the right audience at the right time from anywhere. And on the other side provide screen-owners an easy way to grow their business by putting them in front of eager advertisers worldwide.

Refer and Earn Coins

You can be a part of LOS Coin by just registering on our website.

As soon as you register and submit your KYC, you get LOS Coins. Want to learn more?

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News, Blogs and Updates

Find the latest news about LOS Coin. Read our blogs on various topics and news below. 

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Grab the oportunity starting TOMORROW – 06 July 2020

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